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Waterloo 2015

We managed to get a few pictures during the incredibly busy time we had at Waterloo 2015.

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Woolaton House 2015

Some photos from Battle of the Nations 2015 at Woolaton House

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Cheltenham Military Salute

On the way to Woolaton we visited the grave of Major General John Birtwhistle who served with the 32nd at Waterloo.

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Spetchley 2014

Photos courtesy of the lovely Alan Balding

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Crownhill Fort Living History Weekend 2014

Lovely weather, stunning location, great company – what more could a soldier want? Oh yeah, an 'orrible Sergeant back in action.

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Hoogstraten Bicentenary 2014

Photos from our adventures in Belgium for the Bicentenary of the Battle of Hoogstraten

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Vitoria 2013

Some pictures from the 200th anniversary of La Batalla de Vitoria in Spain.

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Battle of the Nations Kent 2013

Some pictures from the Battle of the Nations in Kent

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Jane Austen Festival (previous years)

A selection of images from the Jane Austen Festival in Bath ranging from 2010 to 2013.

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Waterloo 2010

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