People associated with the Regiment

This is a list of people currently known to have been associated with the 32nd Cornwall Regiment of Foot during the Napoleonic Wars. This is an ongoing research effort, so please contact us if you have any information which you think could contribute.

The list is ordered by surname. If we have any information relating to a particular person, you can click on their name to read it.

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Name Rank Company
John Reid Drummer (Waterloo 1815) Ross Lewin's (Waterloo 1815)
Thomas Reid Drummer (Waterloo 1815) Crowe's (Waterloo 1815)
John Reynolds Corporal (Waterloo 1815) Boyse's (Waterloo 1815)
George Richardson Corporal (Waterloo 1815) Boyse's (Waterloo 1815)
James Robinson Lieutenant (Waterloo 1815)
John Rodgers Drummer (Waterloo 1815) Wallet's (Waterloo 1815)
Henry Rusden Private (Quatre Bras 1815) Crowe's (Quatre Bras 1815)
Patrick Seery Sergeant (Waterloo 1815) Haines' (Waterloo 1815)
Andrew Shanklin Corporal (Waterloo 1815) Harrison's (Waterloo 1815)
John Sheppard Sergeant (Waterloo 1815) Haines' (Waterloo 1815)
James Slater Sergeant (Waterloo 1815) Cassan's (Waterloo 1815)
Richard Smalden Sergeant (Waterloo 1815) Whitty's (Waterloo 1815)
George Small Lieutenant (Waterloo 1815)
John Sommers Corporal (Waterloo 1815) Haines' (Waterloo 1815)
John Spence Sergeant (Waterloo 1815) Ross Lewin's (Waterloo 1815)
Henry Spry Drummer (Waterloo 1815) Boyse's (Waterloo 1815)
William Stephens Quarter-Master (Waterloo 1815)
Robert Stephenson Sergeant (Waterloo 1815) Cassan's (Waterloo 1815)
Edward Stevens Lieutenant (Waterloo 1815)
Alexander Stuart Ensign (Waterloo 1815)
William Sutton Corporal (Waterloo 1815) Whitty's (Waterloo 1815)
Christopher Switzer Sergeant (Waterloo 1815) Cassan's (Waterloo 1815)
W. H. Toole Brevet Major (Waterloo 1815)
William Turner Corporal (Waterloo 1815) Ross Lewin's (Waterloo 1815)
David Turnifall Private (Waterloo 1815) Harrison's (Waterloo 1815)
James Virtue Sergeant (Waterloo 1815) Crowe's (Waterloo 1815)
Charles Wallet Captain (Waterloo 1815)
Joshua Warren Sergeant (Waterloo 1815) Ross Lewin's (Waterloo 1815)
Richard Webb Corporal (Waterloo 1815) Dillon's (Waterloo 1815)
John Webster Sergeant (Waterloo 1815) Cassan's (Waterloo 1815)
James White Corporal (Waterloo 1815) Dillon's (Waterloo 1815)
Edward Whitty Captain (Waterloo 1815)
John Williams Corporal (Waterloo 1815) Wallet's (Waterloo 1815)
William Williams Corporal (Waterloo 1815) Whitty's (Waterloo 1815)
Charles Wilson Sergeant (Waterloo 1815) Boyse's (Waterloo 1815)
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