John Beamish

John Beamish of Kilmacabea, Skibereen, Cork, Ireland.

Served with the 32nd Cornwall Regiment of Foot from 1809 to 1821, out of the Garrison at Fermoy, Cork, Ireland. His Commander is listed as Gen. Alexander Campbell.

One of the 131 survivors of Waterloo out of the Force of 647. On his Service Record, it says he was wounded in the neck by a Muskateer’s Ball (or shot).

John left the Service in 1821. His Service Record followed him to Canada, as a Veteran, where he emegrated about 1826, settling in Lenark, near Ottowa by 1828. He went on to have 4 more kids in Canada, besides his Son Richard, who was born in Ireland before he left. John passed away around Jan of 1867, in Lenark.

Information provided by John’s 3x Great Grandson Michael.