32nd People now online

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the new “People” section of our website.

The aim is to list the names of those people who were members of the 32nd Cornwall Regiment of Foot during the Napoleonic wars. We also aim to add any information we find out about these people to their own individual page, with the hope that it becomes a useful online research resource.

The project is very much still in its infancy – we have made a start by entering the names and details of soldiers from “Return of Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, Drummers and Privates of the 32nd Regiment Who were present in the Battles of the 16th, 17th, and 18th June, 1815“, which is found in the excellent book “Historical Records of the 32nd (Cornwall) Light Infantry” by G. C. Swiney.

The project page can be found in the ‘History’ menu, although this may change soon. Here is a direct link.

We hope you find it useful. Please bear with us while we are in these early stages. Please get in touch if you have anything to contribute which you think may be relevant.


Cpl. Danning 19th February 2016 News